Well, it could be a birthday for many people worldwide. However, it is because this day is also celebrated worldwide as International Tourist Guide Day, so please let me explain why.

The first ever International Convention of Tourist Guides was held in February 1985 and  so as a result of proposals put forward at that first Convention, the WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDES ASSOCIATION (WFTGA) was formed.

Then on 21st February 1990 the WFTGA Convention agreed and established International Tourist Guide Day which is remembered and celebrated each year on 21st February.

The WFTGA nowadays represents professional tourist guide associations from over 70 countries. In their own countries the Professional Associations represent guides who have been trained, examined and qualified to rigorous standards. Their qualifications are region specific and supported by National and Local Tourism bodies and Local Authorities.

In the UK I am a member of local Tourist Guiding Associations North East England Tourist Guides (NEETG) and also Cumbria Tourist Guides (CTG). My professional bodies Nationally are the British Guild of Tourist Guides (BGTG) and the Institute of Tourist Guiding (ITG).

International Tourist Guide Day is aimed at raising public awareness about registered professional tourist guides and their associations, as cultural ambassadors of the regions/areas they represent. The Tourist Guides, in line with their Tourist Guiding qualifications, ensure their visitors receive accurate and professional services.