Rich in history and proud heritage from Roman to the Venerable Bede in Saxon times, to its later Engineering and Shipbuilding Era. Much has changed, particularly the riverside where past present and future are all linked, including famous novelist Dame Catherine Cookson. The area has some of the best beaches in Europe.

The Roman Fort of Arbeia includes reconstructed buildings such as the Commanding Officers Villa, Barrack Blocks and Western Gateway. Arbeia was built as part of Hadrian’s Wall Frontier system defending the entrance to the River Tyne.

Also, at Jarrow Hall Anglo Saxon farm and village, explore the story of life in the times of the Venerable Bede. St.Paul’s Church is the site of Bede’s Monastery where he lived all his life. The chancel of the Church dates from the time of Bede.

Once Britain’s most popular author, Catherine Cookson was born here The Catherine Cookson trail is still a popular attraction, and a visit to South Shields Museum and Art Gallery will help to understand her life story. The coastline from South Shields to Sunderland is a special location for its geology and cliff top walks. The nature reserve of Marsden Rock and grotto is a popular location just along the coast from the historic Souter Lighthouse.

A few itinerary ideas

  • A town panoramic tour and visit any combination of: Arbeia, Jarrow Hall and St Pauls.

  • A town and coastal tour combined with any visits to Souter Lighthouse, Marsden Rock.

  • A town Catherine Cookson Tour combined with South Shields Museum and Art Gallery.

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